Our Approach to Partnerships:

SLS is an experiential learning program, and partnerships are key to all of our work.  SLS collaborates with diverse partners - from communities, nonprofits, government, academia, and business - on key sustainability challenges.  We focus especially on building long-term relationships with partners in Atlanta and Georgia.  We also collaborate with other units on-campus working to create a sustainable Georgia Tech.  We focus especially on implementing the U.N. Sustainable Development goals here at home, through projects advancing four priority issues: Community Health, Equitable & Sustainable Development, Green Infrastructure, and Climate Change & Energy.  Through our partnerships, GT students learn to use the knowledge and skills they are acquiring at GT to help "create sustainable communities."

Read our SLS Partnership Strategy and learn more about our Partnership Principles.  We are thankful for our partners who worked with us to develop this strategy and these principles, through our Partnership Advisory Council.

As we all look for ways to advance racial justice and support the Black Lives Matter movement, we encourage you to support SLS’s black-led and equity-focused partner organizations.


SLS Partnership Principles

  1. Start with Assets
  2. Focus on Equity and Justice
  3. Champion Systems Change
  4. Support Community Innovators
  5. Prioritize Process Before Outcomes
  6. Contribute to the Neighborhood
  7. Apply Technology in Social Context

Our Partners:

We have too many partners to list all of them - but here is a list of some of the partners we work with most, through our Signature Programs, course partnerships, and ongoing projects.

How We Collaborate:

We collaborate with partners through:

  1. Service Learning & Community Engagement (SLCE) in programs and courses

  2. SLS Events & Workshops Series

  3. Collaborative Research Projects​

  4. RCE Greater Atlanta, affiliated with the  United Nations University - our regional sustainability network advancing education around the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Read examples of some of our collaborations below.

Contact Us:

We are always interested in new partnerships!  Please get in touch.