“What strategies and resources are available to me to integrate community engagement into my teaching?”

This section of the toolkit is your answer.  It offers you guidance about service learning and community engagement (SLCE) organized into the six categories below. In addition, a repository of Community Engagement Action Guides can be found at the bottom of this page. It is a living resource, and we will be updating it frequently.  Please contact Ruthie Yow, SLS Service Learning and Partnerships Specialist (ruth.yow@gatech.edu) with your ideas for improving it!

Developing or Adapting a Course
SLCE Develop Course
Understanding IRB
Understanding IRB
Working with a Partner
SLCE Partners
Project Execution
SLCE Project Execution
Documenting SLCE Impact
SLCE Documenting Impact
Partnership Principles
SLCE Partnership Principles
Partnership Resources
SLCE Resources
Community Engagement Action Guides
Action Guides