Sustainable Communities Summer Internship Partners include both on-campus Georgia Tech units and external organizations from a range of sectors, including nonprofit, community, and government, and even include social entrepreneurs.The following is a comprehensive list of Internship Partners and their projects to date.

Partner Projects
  • Technology build and brand amplification
A Sip of Paradise Garden
  • Funding Campaign, Social Media, Community and Sustainability Inclusion Plan
Atlanta Global Studies Center
  • RCE Greater Atlanta Global Liaison
Carrie's Closet
  • Policy and Advocacy for Georgia's Foster Care Children
  • Technology and Resource Coordination
  • Foster Child Bill of Rights
  • Community Outreach Program Analysis
Center for Civic Innovation
  • Neighborhood Planning Unit Initiative
  • Community Programming
  • Inequity in Philanthropy
  • Summer of Self-Care
  • Research and Coordination of Trainings, Public Programs, Support Services
Center for Community Progress
  • Program Development
Center for Sustainable Communities
  • ECO District Hampton Roads Program Support
  • ECO District Hampton Roads Alternative Transportation Plan
  • Advanced Atmospheric Research and Monitoring
  • Energy for All - ECO District Hampton Roads
  • 1.5 Degree Patrol - Organizing and Mobilizing for Climate
  • Public Interest Technology
  • Offshore Wind Workforce Development
  • Inspire and Empower Global Initiative for Gender Equity
Chattahoochee Brick Company Descendants Coalition
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Public Interest Technology
City of Atlanta: Aglanta
  • Food Access Map
  • Fresh Food Access District Map
  • Aglanta Grown
  • Aglanta Fresh Corners
City of Atlanta: City Planning
  • Atlanta Main Street District Profiles
  • City-owned Vacant Land Redevelopment Research
  • Small Business Services Group
  • Tracking Tool for Public Investment in Housing
  • Fresh Food Access Map
City of Atlanta: Office of Resilience
  • Food Access
  • Aglanta Ambassador Program
  • Sustainability Program Tracking for Equitable Outcomes
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • City Climate Action Plan
  • Aglanta Grown
City of Atlanta: Urban Agriculture
  • Community Engagement
  • Marketing and Communications; Policy Writing
City of Savannah
  • Frontline Community Health (Sea Level Sensor Project)
Civic Dinners
  • U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Conversation Plan and Partner Development
  • Civic Dinners Ambassadors Program
Create ATL
  • Data analysis (categorization, mapping, and visualization) of publicly available neighborhood data
  • Community organizing and information gathering
Coffee County Historical Society
  • Coffee County Oral History Memory Project
  • Designing Workshops to Support Ethical Data Use
Environmental Community Action
  • Atlanta Watershed Learning Network

Finca to Filter

  • Waste free campaign
  • No Food Waste in Atlanta
  • Make Homeless Meals More Nutritious
Georgia Aquarium
  • Design and Engineering (water quality and design for the future)
Georgia Tech Facilities and Landscape Architecture
  • Biodiversity and Landscape Management Research
  • Facilities GIS Support
  • Facilities Energy Optimization
  • Analytics and Campus Energy Efficiency
Georgia Tech IPaT
  • Dashboard Applications (Sea Level Sensor Project)
  • Air Quality Sensors (Sea Level Sensor Project)
Georgia Tech Office of Campus Sustainability
  • Sustainability Tracking Assessment Rating System (STARS)
  • Tracking and Reporting GT's Scope 3 Emissions
  • Climate Action Plan
  • Sustainability Next
Georgia Tech Planning, Design, Construction
  • Comprehensive Campus Plan
Georgia Tech Smart Community Corps
  • 2019 - City of Chamblee, Chatham County, Albany Gwinett
  • 2020 - Georgia Tech, Columbus, Macon-Bibb County, Milton, Woodstock, USEPA
  • 2021 - Clayton County, City of Sandy Springs, City of Savannah, City of Valdosta, Socially Aware Mobility Lab
  • 2022 - Atlanta Airport City, Data Maturity Assessment, Transportation System Reliance, SAM Lab Project, The Conservation Fund: WFF, Flourishing Communities, City of Valdosta, The Ray (Communications and Research), Smart and Sustainable Travel, Columbus Consolidated Government, City of Woodstock, Spalding County, Savannah Logistics, City of Albany, Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Gwinnett County
Global Change Program
  • Urban Heat Islands Project
  • Smart Sea Level Sensor Project (with IPaT and City of Savannah)
Greenlink Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
Groundwork Atlanta
  • Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Urban Water, Trash Traps
  • Gun Club Park Development; Trail and Transit Development
  • Equity Mapping, Measurement, and Storytelling
Grove Park Foundation
  • Community Health and Equitable Development
  • N.O.W. Program; Proctor Creek Greenway Trail
  • Public Interest Technology
  • Areas of Insecurity (food, energy, housing, health and safety, education)
Helping Empower Youth
  • Just Business Summer Intensive Program
Henderson School Alumni Association Trust (HSAAT)
  • Henderson Academy
  • Community Workforce Development Center
Historic District Development Corporation
  • Sweet Auburn Green and Equitable District
  • Urban Agriculture Implementation Programs
Historic Westside Gardens
  • Food Gardens and Nutritional Information
Hope for Youth (HYPE)
  • Culturally Relevant Computer Science Curriculum and Portal
  • Business and Data Analysis
Impact Energy
  • Black EV Motorist Green Book
Lifecycle Building Center
  • Workforce Development
  • Equitable Building Solutions
Nourish Botanica
  • Food Equity and Economic Justice
Park Pride
  • Advocacy and Community Building
  • Community Building and Park Advocacy
  • Analyzing Community Stewardship for Local Parks
  • Volunteer App Development; Community Outreach
  • Volunteer App Enhancements
  • Public Interest Technology
  • Plantlanta State University
RCE Greater Atlanta
  • Leadership Circle
  • Drawdown Georgia Equity Project
  • Youth Engagement
  • Network Coordination and Communication
Refugee Women's Network
  • Database Collection System
  • Chef's Club program and marketing materials, digital platform
Re'Generation Movement
  • Peacebuilder Camp
  • Story Exchanges
Restore More
  • Restorative Circle Kit Development
  • Affiliated Courses Program Development
  • Internship Program/Seminar Planning and Development
  • Toolkit Development
  • E.T. Home (Clarkston Mobility)
  • GT 1000 Equity Project
  • GT iGniTe/GT 1000
  • Praise House Project/Artisti Charmaine Minniefield
  • WAWA Outdoor Classrooms
Small Bites Adventure Club
  • Consumer Research - Nutrition Education Tech Products
  • Consumer Research - Picky Eaters
  • Tech Enabled Platform
Step Ahead Scholars
  • Research, Outreach, and Networking
The Life School
  • Fellowship Design; Urban Agriculture Program for Teens
  • Teen Underwater Robot Project
The Lola
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • DEI initiatives
Transformation Alliance
  • Policy and Communications
  • Membership Policy and Support
  • Public Interest Technology
  • Nutrition and Wellness for Black and Brown Maternal Patients
Truly Living Well
  • Farms on Wheels
  • Sustainable Food Economy
Ubuntu Community Catalyst
  • Early Childhood Education Coordinator
Umi Feeds
  • Senior Food Distribution
  • Community Garden
Urban Food Forest
  • Business Development
  • App and Website Integrated Development Study
  • App for Browns Mill Community Study
West Atlanta Watershed Alliance
  • Proctor Creek Community Engagament
  • Urban Water, Trash Traps
  • Proctor Creek Watershed Stories
  • Public Interest Technology
  • Workforce Development
  • Social Franchise Pilot; Cultural Change to Sustainability
  • System of Partnership
  • Web Application Development and Testing
  • Aquaponic Farming Fish Food 
  • VR Community Outreach