Summer 2024 Internship Opportunities



Sustainable Communities Internship Program opportunities for Summer 2024 are listed below. They represent a diverse set of organizations and projects working on a broad array of issues addressing all 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), as indicated in each description. All Georgia Tech students are welcome to apply. This experiential, professional development program aims to help students gain experience working with community partners on sustainability challenges and translate that experience into their life and career goals.

We are committed to supporting partners and students who are traditionally under-represented in sustainability and STEM fields. These include but are not limited to partners and students from racial/ethnic minority groups, women, limited income backgrounds, and first-generation college students.

Partner: 28ish

The mission of 28ish is to revolutionize menstrual health management by empowering women with knowledge and technology. We aim to bridge the gap in understanding menstrual cycles, offering tools that align with the natural rhythms of the body. Our innovative app, designed to track hormonal cycles, moods, and behaviors, seeks to transform the way women approach their health and well-being. Through education and support, we're dedicated to fostering a more informed and inclusive society, where menstrual health is not just acknowledged but embraced as a vital aspect of women's lives.    28ish addresses the critical yet overlooked issue of menstrual health management. We're innovating in this space by providing a comprehensive app that integrates menstrual cycle tracking with mood and behavior analysis. Unlike traditional apps that focus solely on symptom tracking, our solution empowers women to understand and leverage the unique strengths of their menstrual phases. This positive, empowering approach is a significant departure from the norm, focusing on the benefits rather than the limitations of menstrual cycles. Our app's design, combining user-friendly technology with educational content, makes it a pioneering tool in both menstrual health and female empowerment. Please apply if you would like to put your skills to use in any of the following areas: health technology, software development, data analytics, or digital marketing

This internship has office space in Atlanta, close to public transportation options.  This partner is particularly interested in mentoring female student internship applicants.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Gender Equality (5), Reduced Inequalities (10)

Partner: A Sip of Paradise Garden

A Sip of Paradise Garden is a non profit Bartender and Hospitality Community Garden. Our mission is to cultivate a happier, healthier bartender community by offering therapeutic gardening activity, creative inspiration, and social enrichment in a safe space.    We are building out a 2nd location and developing a for profit side selling product we are growing and developing.

This internship will be located in East Atlanta Village and Downtown Atlanta. Having access to a car is preferred but not required, however the intern should have a reliable source of transportation.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Responsible Consumption and Production (12)

Partner: Atlanta Municipal Market

We are a nonprofit that runs Atlanta's only historic public market.  We have 30 vendors, a $1.2 million budget, and a host of very complex operational and political challenges.  We are rebuilding the operating model for the market and building the case for a public investment for the first time in 30 years.

The market is located at 209 Edgewood Avenue and the student intern would need to travel to that location.

Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (2), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Carrie's Closet of Georgia

Carrie's Closet of Georgia is a community clothing resource seeking to service and advocate for children and families in need.  We operate by hosting a mobile clothing closet with communities of need.  Community programming, Board Readiness Prep, advocacy, direct service work, and CCGA App testing.

Access to a car is preferred but not required.  This internship will be hybrid with the intern working in person at least 2 days a week in a co-working space and the remainder of the days remotely.  Some travel to Athens and/or Columbus during the summer. 

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Cascade Springs Nature Conservancy

Our mission is to protect the 125-acre Cascade Springs Nature Preserve and its connected communities in the Utoy Creek watershed.  Our focus is on the four pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Economic, Human, and Society.  Our intern will focus primarily on grant writing and assisting with project management.

This internship will be in person and located at the Nature Preserve in SW Atlanta.  The intern will either need a car or access to MARTA.

Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education (4), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Partnerships for the Goals (17)

Partner: Center for Civic Innovation

Grounded in community data and research, the Center for Civic Innovation’s mission is to strengthen civic engagement, scale community-designed interventions, and advocate for more effective local public policy that improves the social and economic well being of Atlanta’s  people and places.   Depending on the interns specific areas of interest, they may work with the policy team on education, municipal budgets, or NPU work, or with the programs team on safety and justice, education, and democracy work.  

This internship will be a hybrid mix of remote and in-person.  We have an office on Edgewood Avenue where the intern would work regularly, as well as on-site and off-site events they would participate in as well. There is a MARTA station within walking distance of our offices.  We do ask our interns to use their own personal computers if there is one available.  If there is not one available, we will supply one as needed.

Sustainable Development Goals:  Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (16)

Partners: Center for Sustainable Communities

Partner: City of Atlanta Urban Ag and Food Systems Team - AgLanta

AgLanta is a City program created to support Urban Agriculture and Food Systems initiatives in Atlanta. The MISSION is to cultivate a more resilient, equitable, inclusive, just, and accessible food system for Atlanta. We serve residents, businesses, and visitors. Our approach includes Community & Neighborhood farms, gardens, food forests, healthy food stores, rain gardens, pollinator gardens, compost & carbon collection systems, controlled environment agriculture, advisory & steering committees, and more. The current GOAL is to ensure 100% of Atlanta residents are within a 0.5 mile of fresh affordable food.

AgLanta Food Systems Council Internship Overview Background: AgLanta is dedicated to enhancing urban agriculture and food security in Atlanta. A pivotal project is forming the Food Systems Council, involving representatives from Atlanta's Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) to shape the city's first food systems plan. Summer Intern Project: The intern will support the Council's establishment through: Digital and Social Media Engagement: managing online platforms to increase awareness of the Council's efforts, creating content that underscores the impact on food security. Research and Data Analysis: performing demographic and socio-economic research for equitable representation in the Council and analyzing food security challenges in various NPUs. Outreach and Recruitment: assisting in recruiting community liaisons, managing applications, and developing materials to promote the Council. Meeting and Workshop Coordination: working with Community Outreach and Engagement Fellow to organize meetings and workshops, and handle logistics and content preparation. This internship is vital for the Council's effective formation, blending digital proficiency, research, community outreach, and event coordination. It's an enriching opportunity for students interested in urban planning, public policy, or community development, offering hands-on experience in addressing urban food insecurity

Some of the work will take place at Atlanta City Hall, while also spending time in the field. Interns will travel to Atlanta City Hall for office days participate in occasional local off-site partner visits, and may possibly have the opportunity to work remotely 1 or 2 days a week. The transportation requirements will depend on the nature of their tasks and locations they need to visit.  City Hall is accessible by MARTA, or parking is available for a fee.  A car would be beneficial for travel to offsite meetings and workshops.

Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (2), Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Partnerships for the Goals (17)

Partner: City of Atlanta - Office of Sustainability and Resilience

The City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Sustainability and Resilience leads science based analysis informed by the community to develop and promote policies, programs, and initiatives related to sustainability and climate resilience rooted in environmental justice.  The main project will be a part of the "revamp" of our Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance, with the main objective to rebuild our website for this program!

This internship will be hybrid, but the intern will need to travel each week (2 - 3 times a week) to City Hall in Downtown Atlanta which is accessible via MARTA.  Parking is available on site for a fee.  

Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Climate Action (13)

Partner: Clean Cities Georgia

Clean Cities Georgia is clean transportation's best-kept secret! Clean Cities Georgia (CC-GA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1993 as the first Clean Cities Coalition of the national network funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technology Office, and currently housed at Southface Institute. We are a collaborative partner for advancing clean transportation solutions. CC-GA is "fuel agnostic" and will assist with any clean fuel projects including biodiesel, ethanol, electricity, natural gas, and propane.     We recently won a grant to expand the Southeast Clean Cities Network through capacity-building activities to ensure that all communities have access to clean transportation and clean air. This intern would assist with grant management and administrative activities to get this $1M grant project started and organized.

We are hosted at Southface Institute in Atlanta.  Southface is a hybrid work environment in order to reduce commuting emissions.  The intern will work in the office two days a week and remote the rest of the week. The intern would need reliable transportation (car, bike, MARTA) to travel to the Southface offices.

Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Reduced Inequalities (10)

Partner: Community Health Aligning Revitalization Resilience and Sustainability

CHARRS is an environmental health, community based, nonprofit organization on a mission to develop solutions to Environmental Justice issues; social, education and economic inequities, and health disparities that impede access to health and wellness in African American and other marginalized communities by viewing them through an Environmental and Social Determinants Of Health lens. Our work is collaborative and hands-on.  We work with community members, private sector, government, other nonprofits, and higher education institutions to achieve our mission.  Some of our project areas are air monitoring, stormwater runoff, energy burden, climate change, and Environmental Justice.

The project would be AQEarth West Atlanta.  The project is monitoring criteria air pollutants in a 3 mile radius of a reference air monitor located in a marginalized community in West Atlanta.  The project engages community members in 5-Neighborhood Planning Units to inform them about air pollutants, air quality policies, industry emitters in the project area, and emergency preparedness.  This project is important to our organization because it will provide us with air quality data that we can use to help the community understand the connection between their environmental and climate justice, environment, air quality, policy, and their health.  Having this knowledge, community members will be able to better advocate for better air quality and health equity themselves and their community

This internship is located in Atlanta and the intern will need a car to get to the work location, as well as monitoring sites and off site meeting locations.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Reduced Inequalities (10), Climate Action (13)

Partner: CreateATL

CreateATL is community collaboration space that is reimagining what it means to develop a multi-use community development.  The intern will be continuing the data sovereignty approach (categorization, mapping, and visualization) of last summer to continue to develop the best outcomes for transportation advocacy in the neighborhood.

A car is useful but not required.  CreateATL 3 blocks from the West End Marta station and also 2 blocks from the Allene Ave entrance to the freshly paved Southside BeltLine trail - public/bike/foot transport is strongly encouraged.

Sustainable Development Goals:  Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Endeavor

Endeavor is the leading Global community for high-growth entrepreneurs. To date, Endeavor has screened more than 60,000 individuals and selected more than 2,400 founders leading over 1,400 scale-up companies. With support from Endeavor’s worldwide mentor network,  Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created over 4.1 million jobs, are generating more than $26 billion in annual revenue, and are inspiring future generations in 42 markets around the world. Endeavor's office in Atlanta launched 7 years ago.    The intern will focus on research and data analysis on how we can better find and select female founders and founders of Color in Atlanta, across Georgia and in select cities in the Southeast, as well as supporting community events and supporting our high-impact entrepreneurs in our network.

We work in space at The Lola and Atlanta Tech Village.  The intern will need to be able to travel to both places, which are accessible via MARTA.

Sustainable Development Goals:  Gender Equality (5), Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Fresh Harvest

Fresh Harvest provides local, organic produce and grocery home deliveries for the greater Atlanta area, working with local farmers and purveyors to bring customers a transparent connection to their food.  Over 80% of what we buy throughout the year is grown within 70 miles of Atlanta. By focusing on local growers, we: reduce fuel emissions of shipping cross-country, support Georgia's organic agricultural economy, connect people with farmers and their stories, and create a community in Georgia of people passionate about eating ethically. We are leading the way in reducing food and packaging waste throughout our operation. By telling our farmers exactly what we need, they harvest just enough to fulfill our next week's orders. Any produce that doesn't pass quality inspection gets composted and goes back into the ground to produce more organic veggies. All of our packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable - the majority of our packaging is washed and reused every week.  Located in the refugee resettlement city of Clarkston, we're setting our roots throughout the community. Refugees make up 75% of the team and, along with the support of Fresh Harvest customers, we operate two weekly subsidized produce markets to reach food insecure families in Clarkston.    Some sample project ideas include: research and development on sustainable packaging solutions, emissions reporting/create our first sustainability report, marketing campaigns highlighting farmers and sustainable agriculture, building a marketing plan for our Share the Harvest subsidized market.

We are located in Clarkston, Georgia (about 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta) and the intern will need a car to get to and from our offices.  The intern will receive a free local produce basket weekly over the summer.

Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Fulton County Government

Fulton County spans from Chattahoochee Hills, through Atlanta, and all the way up to Milton. Fulton County Government's Sustainability Plan has the vision to thrive as the premier county in Georgia for sustainability and resilience, protecting residents, visitors, and environmental systems. A few of the county’s many sustainability goals include reducing energy use in county buildings by 50%, offsetting 25% of its electricity use with solar, and transitioning 25% of light-duty administrative vehicles to electric vehicles.     Fulton County is seeking an intern to develop an energy benchmarking report. This intern will use the county’s energy data management software to compare energy use and cost across building types and create a report to present to county management. The report will be used to identify buildings to target for energy efficiency upgrades.

The work location in the Fulton County offices at 141 Pryor Street is two blocks from a MARTA station. The intern will need to be in the office several days per week and can take MARTA or drive.

Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Georgia Tech Office of Campus Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability’s mission is to serve as a collaborative partner working toward sustainable and equitable solutions for the Georgia Tech community. We serve the Institute in bridging sustainability efforts across research, education, and operations. The office includes the departments of utilities, sustainable buildings, and the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design. Key activities of the office include sustainability data collection, management, and analysis, engagement, and strategic planning and policy. The Office of Sustainability co-developed the Sustainability Next Plan, Georgia Tech’s comprehensive sustainability plan, and led the development and will lead implementation of Georgia Tech’s Climate Action Plan (to be published in 2024).     The Georgia Tech Office of Sustainability will be involved in several major ongoing projects in the summer of 2024. Sample work that SCoRE interns may contribute to includes:   Support the development of Georgia Tech’s FY2023 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, including adding new Scope 3 categories.   Support implementation of Climate Action Plan strategies related to building energy, renewable energy & offsets, sustainable mobility, water and materials management, education, and research.   Data visualization for results of Georgia Tech’s AASHE STARS data, a sustainability reporting and ranking framework for higher education.   Contributing to engagement planning and communications material development related to sustainability at Georgia Tech, the SDGs. Communications material includes website copy and design, PowerPoints, social media content, video, and reports.    Contributing to a sustainability annual report for Georgia Tech.

>We are hybrid, with in-person interaction more than half the time. The intern will need to be able to work across campus and report to the primary Office of Sustainability working locations: Kendeda Living Building and O’Keefe Building. Students can walk, drive, or utilize Georgia Tech’s Stinger transit system. The intern may incur costs related to parking on campus if using a personal vehicle to commute to and from work.


Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Climate Action (13)

Partner: Georgia Tech Planning, Design, and Construction (Planning)

Georgia Tech Planning, Design & Construction (PD&C) guides the development of the physical campus to support academic and research pursuits.   Last year, a Comprehensive Campus Plan (CCP) was completed to set goals for campus evolution over the next 10 years in support of the Institute Strategic Plan.  One project undertaken to inform the CCP metrics for workspace utilization was the Progressive Workspace Pilot program.  Four workspaces were developed for specific administrative units at Georgia Tech to test a new type of free address workspace.  The program includes measuring utilization through occupancy sensors for a one-year period, collection of qualitative feedback through periodic user surveys, and facilities related data, including space quantity, renovations costs, and operational costs. As some of the pilot periods are nearing completion, PD&C seeks a student intern to help with analysis and synthesis of the utilization, survey, and facilities data, in order to begin forming informational updates about the successes and opportunities for improvement identified through the pilots.  The deliverable should be in the form of a model or tool that can be used by planners to assess pilots completing the measurement period in the future.  In addition, the intern will develop a final presentation to report on results and findings of the pilot phase. This work is expected to contribute to a significant reduction in the footprint of Georgia Tech’s space dedicated to office use, so that existing space can be repurposed for instruction and research needs.  This approach to managing our growth in a sustainable way is a core tenant of the CCP and can have a significant impact on our campus’ carbon footprint.

This internship will be located on Georgia Tech's campus - O'Keefe Building, 3rd floor. Depending on the student's location, they may need to provide their own transportation to campus and pay for their own parking, if applicable.

Sustainable Development Goals: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Climate Action (13)

Partner: Georgia Tech SCoRE with West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

This intern will work with West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) and GT SCoRE to advance our ongoing partnership focused on designing and building an Afro-centric outdoor classroom for intergenerational environmental education aimed at advancing environmental and racial justice and community empowerment. In past years, the VIP: Building for Equity and Sustainability has laid the foundation of the outdoor classroom project, and the Summer 2024 intern will work with the WAWA team to support the planning and execution of the classroom's construction by community residents and students. The intern will also continue a digital storytelling project integrated into the design of the classroom, to be accessible throughout the forest.

The classrooms will be located at WAWA’s Outdoor Activity Center in the West End about 15 minutes from campus. A major part of the project aims to identify and line up Georgia Tech people, units, and resources from across campus to support this work. During the Fall and Spring Semesters, this project is advanced through the undergraduate research VIP (Vertically-Integrated Project) Program, Building for Equity and Sustainability. The intern must have been enrolled in the VIP already and be planning to return in Fall 2024, or, if new, must be planning to enroll in the VIP course in the Fall. The summer work is intended to keep the project going from the Spring VIP work and set it up to continuing progressing in the Fall VIP.

In addition to the VIP project, the intern will support other WAWA initiatives,such as the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network – an intergenerational weekend course to teach community members about environmental issues in their communities, culminating in a capstone project to make a positive impact in their communities – as well as other activities such as OAC visioning and strategic planning, WAWA’s summer camps and events, etc.

This internship will be located on site at West Atlanta Watershed Alliance.  A car is recommended, although MARTA is possible.

Sustainable Development Goals: Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Reduce Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Greenlink Analytics

Greenlink Analytics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on creating the foundations necessary for advancing a healthier and more equitable world by using advanced data analytics to push forward a fast and fair clean energy transition. Our expertise helps deliver detailed, accurate, and novel insights regarding the economic, social, and environmental impacts of energy use. The data serve as a springboard for empowering change that improves lives, especially for the people most harmed by climate change. We partner with community organizations, cities, and other leaders to inspire change from the ground up.     We do not yet have a project in mind, but each of our three teams (Data Science, Analysts, and Equity) have multiple work streams and/or sub-tasks that can be turned into excellent internship projects. In the past, our interns have worked on increasing our geospatial data mapping capabilities and expanding our grid-level energy modeling.

Greenlink Analytics is a fully remote organization, so students will primarily work remotely.  There will be in-person opportunities to meet with staff on a frequent basis. Student interns will be required to attend the SCoRE summer seminar in-person, so should be located in Atlanta.

Sustainable Development Goals:  Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Grove Park Foundation

Grove Park's mission is revitalizing the Grove Park neighborhood and improving the quality of life by working with local partner, leaders, and residents to create a healthy, equitable and vibrant community.  The intern will have the opportunity to work on two projects.  Project #1: Grove Park is adjacent to many trails such as Proctor Creek Greenway, and parks such as the Westside Park.  However, residents have not always been centered in the planning processes.  The City of Atlanta has earmarked 17 million dollars toward a renovation for an existing recreation center.  GPF wants to ensure that residents are engaged well in the planning, so that the funded projects and renovations are reflective of community members' visions and ideas.  An intern would work on mapping assets and stakeholders and diving in on the likely users of the trails, parks, and recreation center amenities.  Integrating the community voices into decisions about and funding for the trails and parks will advance health and wellness in the community.  Project #2: Legacy homeowners in neighborhoods like Grove Park, where rapid gentrification has driven up home values, often face challenges in remaining in their homes.  In some cases, challenges are related to rising property taxes.  A related issue is generational wealth protection, with homes as key assets.  Where there is not a deed or a will, it is difficult for legacy homeowners to protect and preserve their properties.  GPF's intern will support the questions: What does legacy homeowner preservation look like, and what don't we know about who these homeowners are and whether they want to remain in the neighborhood?  GPF's intern will work on ways to meaningfully track data about legacy homeowners in Grove Park and pursue questions such as, what percentage of those homeowners do intend to stay in the neighborhood if they are able to get support in doing so?

This internship will be in person in the Grove Park offices.  No car is required as the office is accessible via MARTA.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Quality Education (4), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: HBCU Green Fund

We work to increase sustainability at HBCUs and in the communities they serve. We focus on student engagement and training, curriculum development, infrastructure upgrades, renewable energy and retrofits. Potential summer projects could include project management and planning for a fall eco-festival as well as work on green space reclamation. 

The HBCU Green Fund is located near the campus of Clark Atlanta University.  The intern would need to be able to travel to the office location, either via MARTA or car.

Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Climate Action (13), Partnerships for the Goals (17)

Partner: Helping Empower Youth Incorporated

Helping Empower Youth provides essential services to Black youth in Atlanta, by ensuring basic human needs are met, the opportunities for academic and economic opportunity and mobility abound.  Utilizing STE(A)M and entrepreneurial endeavors, youth gain critical thinking and soft skills while earning income and learning how to scale businesses. The intern will work on research and development of communication and marketing tools for program branding and product launches.

The office is located very close to a MARTA stop, so the intern can travel via public transportation or private vehicle.

Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty (1), Gender Equality (5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8)

Partner: Henderson School Alumni Association Trust (HSAAT)

HSAAT's mission is to transform and repurpose old Henderson High & Elementary School into a Community & Workforce Development Center for the Butts community; to improve the wellbeing of children and families through Literacy & S.T.E.A.M. Education (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art/Design-Math), High Demand Job Skills Training, Entrepreneurial Business Development, Health Initiatives and Recreation for Youth.  Our vision is to provide lifelong learning, support, and resources to our students, families, citizens, and communities. HSAAT raised funds and purchased the old Henderson School properties in Jackson. Georgia: 76,000 SF building on 20 acres, 45 classrooms, gym, and a football field.  We will transform the properties by developing collaborative partnerships creating 5 Community Centers of Hope.  This summer, HSAAT needs help developing a website to market our services.

The intern will work primarily in Atlanta, either in the SCoRE offices or co-working space with other students, but will need to make at least one (and up to four) trip(s) to Jackson, Georgia over the course of the summer, so access to a car would be ideal.  Jackson is approximately 1.5 hours from Atlanta.

Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education (4), Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Historic Westside Gardens ATL, Inc.

Historic Westside Gardens works mainly in the zip codes 30314 and 30318.  We teach people how to grow food so that they can break the cycle of unhealthy food choices because of the lack of fresh produce. We meet people right where they are and provide them with a raised bed garden and all of the materials needed to be successful; this includes the coaching and assistance with the garden maintenance.  In addition to gardening we are collaborating with the Compost Lab and with the help of our gardeners we collect food scraps and compostable materials. We maintain 4 community gardens and a small urban farm. The intern will help out with our summer-hire students (3 students) and assist with our compost project called Zero Waste on the Westside. We will also have 2 summer gatherings: Breakfast at the Farm and An Evening at the Garden.

We are in the English Avenue Neighborhood. This internship is primarily outside and intern will need to arrive at the work site on time. We will provide transportation to go to our various sites. Will also need closed toe shoes, bug/mosquito spray, water bottle, work gloves, phone.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Responsible Consumption and Production (12)

Partner: Hope for Youth (HYPE)

HYPE (Hope for Youth through Providing Education) is a nonprofit that empowers K-12 girls of color with technology skills and leadership development. With 5 years under our belt, 8 full time team members, and a strategic plan to scale programming nationally, we're entering an exciting time of growth & intentional alumni support that will allow us to build the largest pipeline of diverse talent to the tech industry nationwide.    We are looking for an automation engineering intern who will support a variety of projects by building automation processes. This intern will work directly with our Data & Operations Manager to streamline student application processes, online community engagement (via HYPE's Discord platform), and educational partner onboarding. The summer intern will gain experience in a variety of tools and systems including: JotForm, Salesforce, PowerBI, Trello, Discord, and Microsoft Azure. The ideal candidate does not need to be proficient in automation or any of the specific tools mentioned; however, they should have some working experience with coding and a high aptitude for technical skills.

Our offices are located in the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta.  The intern will need to get to the office via MARTA or their personal car.

Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5), Reduced Inequalities (10)

Partner: Impact Energy

Impact Energy is a certified Black women-owned energy services company that focuses on energy efficiency project implementation, workforce development, and civic engagement. Their mission is to promote an equitable energy economy within the energy industry that positively impacts lives and supports community economic advancement.   The intern will work on expansion on the EV Motorist Green Book and help building out the app.

The office is located in Atlanta and is a hybrid workplace. The intern would need access to MARTA to get to the office.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Reduced Inequalities (10), Climate Action (13)

Partner: Lifecycle Building Center

Located in southwest Atlanta, Lifecycle Building Center’s (LBC) mission of environmental stewardship and community resilience by creating a sustainable lifecycle for the built environment is achieved through its five pillars: Material Reuse Center, Deconstruction and Pickup Services, Educational Classes, its Nonprofit Material MATCH program and its Workforce Development Program. LBC acts as host organization and convenor in order to leverage local community assets and resources together. Intern will be working on advancing LBC's effort as part of the RebuildATL coalition.  An extension to last year's internship and continuing ABCD centered work, LBC is looking for an intern to support and work with the Executive Director and Board of Directors in the advancing the RebuiltATL coalition by supporting projects being implemented through a network of community-based organization working within a values based coalition designed to build community capacity by creating a deconstruction (decon) and reuse industry within Atlanta to increase the reuse and reinvestment of wasted materials within communities by creating economic opportunity for communities being served. Reuse and deconstruction are overlooked tools that communities can utilize to save materials, lessen the need for new raw materials, increase local economic opportunities and increase home and building efficiency (reduce energy burdens) and electrification needed for the clean energy transition.  The intern will also be supporting and part of developing approaches and tools for coalition governance and supporting clean energy transition projects resulting from a 2023 DOE Community Clean Energy Prize awarded to coalition in serving represented communities.

We are a hybrid work environment. Our offices are located near the West End MARTA station, but more easily accessible via car. There are periodic meetings with network and coalition partners and site visits that require transportation. Intern must have personal safety gear - closed shoes etc. for deconstruction field work and warehouse operations.

Sustainable Development Goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Responsible Consumption and Production (12)

Partner: National Black Arts Festival

NBAF is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to expose, educate, engage and entertain audiences by presenting and supporting the art and artists of African descent. Based in Atlanta, GA, NBAF is recognized as the oldest multidisciplinary arts organization in the United States focused exclusively on the art and artists of African descent. Through its annual public programs, world-class performances, commissioned works, arts education and public programs, NBAF offers local, national and international audiences experiences that are extraordinary and enriching. Over the years, NBAF has featured many talented artists such as: Maya Angelou, Wynton Marsalis, The O'Jays, Toni Blackman, The Manzari Brothers, Pearl Cleage, Harolyn Blackwell, Varnette Honeywood, Spike Lee, Katherine Dunham, Harry Belafonte, Maurice Hines, Maxi Priest, Sonia Sanchez, Radcliffe Bailey, Bill T. Jones, Youssou N'Dour, Giwayen Mata, Carrie Mae Weems, Julie Dash, Amiri Baraka, Tito Puente, Ousmane Sembene, National Ballet de Guinea, Gladys Knight, Les Nubians, Philadanco, The Heath Brothers, Cicely Tyson, August Wilson, Chakaia Booker, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Louis DelSarte, Alfre Woodard, Angie Stone, Omar Sosa, Jessica Care Moore, Nikki Giovanni, Russell Gunn, Gregory Porter, among many others.

We are seeking a Research and Data Communication Intern. The interns will contribute to a variety of activities and projects, including the following: 1. Quantitative Research on Early Childhood Education (ECE): The intern will support organizational functions by conducting quantitative research in specific ECE focus areas.  2. Data Visualization and Communication: The intern will develop a variety of data visualization and communication modalities, including presentations, printed materials, and social media collateral. The intern should be prepared both to design informative graphics and charts and to write compelling content for external audiences. 3. Evaluation Support: The intern should be prepared to develop a variety of evaluation methods to support organization reporting, including but not limited to surveys and interview questions. The intern should also be prepared to develop summaries and reports. 4. Other responsibilities as needed.

The intern will primarily work in person out of The Lola (621 North Avenue, NE - near Ponce City Market).  The Lola is close to Georgia Tech and the Beltline and accessible via MARTA.

Sustainable Development Goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Park Pride

Park Pride helps communities enhance parks and greenspace through advocacy, volunteerism and capital improvements. We strive to help every community achieve their vision of a great park.   We will likely seek support conducting our annual Friends of the Park Check-in, a feedback opportunity for our community partners.

We are a hybrid office in downtown Atlanta, and our service area also includes DeKalb County & City of Brookhaven. Project will likely involve significant travel within the metro area (very little, if any, outside the perimeter). Transportation expenses can be covered by mileage or through MARTA pass purchase/reimbursement; other expenses may include lunch during the day.

Sustainable Development Goals: Reduced Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Life on Land (15)

Partner: Perspectives on Social Justice

Our mission at Perspectives On Social Justice is to provide spaces for solutions based advocacy of various social justice issues. Our target demographic are communities that are disproportionally affected by social and environmental justice issues. It is our hope to create awareness and excite social change through a variety of action strategies. Since 2018, through our Perspective Farms and Gardens division, we have partnered with the Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill Community Garden (operated fully by members of the Browns Mill community) to assist in the procurement and cultivation of the garden as part of the largest public food forest in the country. Perspectives On provided conservation and outreach strategies to develop the community garden as a model for integrating food resources into the City of Atlanta’s equitable park development plans. As part of a strategy for change for the area’s underserved youths, we developed the Social Justice Camp for Kids (SJC4K) , an agriculture based curriculum aimed at teaching young minds ages 12-17, how to responsibly and constructively be advocates for equity in their food system and agricultural literacy. Our strategic focus includes: Identifying farmers and community gardeners particularly socially disadvantaged producers in underserved communities, and provide them with the technical assistance needed to enhance their operations. Providing training, outreach, and educational resources to families, small scale farmers and community gardeners, via workshops, training, education, mentoring and development assistance, that strengthen relationships between gardeners and their communities.. Developing and carrying out a series of activities connecting communities to local producers through food distribution activities, cooking classes and education awareness relating to nutrition and food safety. In late 2021 we entered a partnership with the National Resource and Conservation Service in an effort to expand our scope services statewide to individuals, beginning growers, community gardens and urban agriculture particularly socially disadvantaged farmers/gardeners. During the summer 2022 we engaged a partnership with the Atlanta Mayor's Office of Resilience, Atlanta’s Camp Best Friends for youths with the Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill to develop an experiential emphasis on agriculture, nutrition and food security as a mode of awareness and activism. We conducted three one week sessions of our own SJC4K onsite at the Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill, which included students from the included sites in this submission. The program was staffed with educators from across the Atlanta Public Schools district as well as those from the private sector to provide experiential learning to more than 100 youths ages 12-14 from the targeted area on food safety and urban agriculture. Learning objectives included activities on food security and sovereignty, fundamentals on growing produce, soil health, pollinators, composting and at the end of each session, participants produced/published a book showcasing things learned from the experience. Then in early 2023 we collaborated with the Atlanta Technical College to provide high school students across Atlanta opportunities to obtain credits in urban agriculture. Our latest effort expands our partnership with the Atlanta Public Schools to build two STEAM based gardens at one of its Title 1 high schools. In addition to the development of the gardens, this partnership’s goal is to increase health and learning outcomes by utilizing the national Agriculture in the Classroom resources to highlight awareness of the nexus between agriculture and technology.

We have an office in Atlanta and the internship will be fully in person, M - F, 9am - 5pm.  The intern will need their own transportation.

Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (2), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Climate Action (13)

Partner: PlantLanta

Plantlanta is a nonprofit community organization that is creating an educational platform that inspires, encourages, and motivates children & young adults in the Metro Atlanta area to promote food and environmental justice in our urban communities. We want to be intentional about combining things that our younger generation already engage in within pop culture like music, sports, and entertainment with sustainability, food & environmental justice, and social issues. Plantlanta prides themselves on being socially innovative when it comes to organizing these events and programs. Plantlanta State University, a program where we take-over a local school and completely replace their curriculum for the entire day with classes and workshops rooted in recycling, gardening, farming, health & wellness, culinary arts, and STEM.

Switchyards is accessible via Marta. They will need transportation for any off-site meetings and/or events. 

Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (2), Good Health and Well-being (3), Climate Action (13)

Project: Praise House Project

The Praise House Project is a community based initiative which places multimedia, site specific public art installations within communities in order to uphold the African American histories and narratives of the area in an effort to address issues or erasure and systemic inequities.  The intern will primarily focus on the Praise House Project that is being installed at South-View Cemetery, located in Historic Lakewood Heights.  The intern will assist with installation, art programming, and community programming support.

This internship will be in person.  The intern will require transportation to the studio offices as well as to the South-View Cemetery location (1900 Jonesboro Road, SE, Atlanta, 30315).

Sustainable Development Goals: Reduced Inequalities (10), Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (16), Partnerships for the Goals (17)

Partner: Refugee Women's Network

Refugee Women’s Network, Inc. (RWN) is a non-profit organization founded by and for refugee and immigrant women to provide a network of support through strategic partnerships, mentorship, and resource distribution. For more than 20 years, RWN has inspired and equipped refugee and immigrant women to become leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities within Georgia and beyond through innovative programming and grassroots advocacy.  SLS intern will work with the Entrepreneurship Development Program Manager to build and grow its marketing material, social media presence and support Chef's Club members to build their marketing materials. Research other food incubator programs and help the program to come up with a program description.

The intern will be working out of our Decatur office. There is a bus from the Decatur MARTA station to the office, but a car would be ideal.

Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty (1), Good Health and Well-being (3), Gender Equality (5)

Partner: ReGen Community Advisory, Inc.

ReGen Community Advisory, Inc. is a community and economic development consulting firm that formulates community-centric approaches to urban and rural regeneration.  ReGen provides leading management and organizational support to non-profits, community-based organizations, governmental, and quasi-governmental agencies in the areas of community strategy and planning, program/project design and implementation, affordable housing development, housing finance, capacity building and asset-building.  The intern will work on energy, electrification, and decarbonization (creation of Diagnostic Center to reach Net Zero Energy); EcoDistrict Implementation (Westside of Atlanta); food and health insecurity project.  All proposed projects will be to scale, led by ReGen, and executed in partnership with a broad base of community partners.  The student will assist in executing projects, completing research, and synthesizing all data collected.  The student will have an opportunity to utilize engineering related skills and interests.

This work is primarily in person in the Northwest Atlanta 30318 neighborhoods.  The location is accessible via MARTA and student will not need a car.  An transportation to off site locations and meetings will be provided.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3); Affordable and Clean Energy (7), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: Re'Generation Movement

Re’Generation Movement’s mission is empowering Peacemaking Global Diasporas; to empower diverse groups of youths and young adults to find their identities and voices as global citizens for them to contribute in creating a harmonious society, where diversity is celebrated and opportunity is fairly distributed. We are seeking a Global Learning Intern to support our development of global education programs and initiatives. Global Learning Interns will assist Re'Gen staff in planning and refining our Global Leadership Program, particularly our global citizenship and leadership development course. Interns will help in researching curriculum and programs, exploring global learning opportunities for our students, and work with Re’Gen staff to incorporate global learning, advocacy, and service into our student programs. Interns will become an integral part of our team and collaborate with staff to plan and implement curriculum, projects, and initiatives.

The Re'Generation Movement office is located in Clarkston, GA and the intern will need transportation to and from that location.

Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education (4), Reduced Inequalities (10), Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (16)

Partner: Small Bites Adventure Club

Small Bites Adventure Club's mission is to help children discover, eat and love fruits and vegetables. We provide teachers turn-key resources that make it easy for them to lead hands-on food education. We support non-profits and state agencies. Project Description (DRAFT): Support program coordinator in creating a "Veggie Ready" certification program for school systems.

The intern will need a car to travel to the office, which is located in the Common Market Southeast Warehouse in East Point. This internship will be primarily in person. There will be some events outside the office, like farmers' markets twice a month.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Quality Education (4), Partnerships for the Goals (17)

Partner: Step Ahead Scholars

Step Ahead Scholars works to create educational equity by empowering students to and through higher education. We provide students from backgrounds without a family legacy of higher education attainment, which includes Black, LatinX, and other students of color, immigrant and refugee, low income, and first generation students and their families, seeking post-secondary opportunities. We provide community centered Access and Success Training that prepares them to thoughtfully embark on post-secondary transitions and positions them to achieve ambitions, maximize potential and obtain equitable life outcomes. This overarching goal empowers students with To Through and Beyond Higher Education exposure, guidance, and mentorship. Thereby positioning under-resourced students that otherwise lack informed comprehensive postsecondary access and success support, to build a lifetimes of economic self-sufficiency as they strive in today's workforce. We create community wellbeing by providing free higher education guidance to all students and parents that request it, in community-based settings they trust and frequent. Our work dismantles systemic racial and economic barriers to post-secondary education. While post-secondary education is the single most important step students can take to boost economic mobility, the ability of students to obtain it and school counselors to provide it is hindered by unmanageable caseloads. We combat this disservice. These are some of the projects an intern may do during their internship: Work directly with diverse groups of students during a summer boot camp; Help us develop our strategic plan; Create living handbooks that can be used by both our students and volunteers; Assist with curriculum development; Design and enhance SAS’s volunteer/mentor engagement ideas, resources and programing; Design and enhance SAS’s alumni engagement program; Enhance and develop new online resources; Enhance and develop new student delivery model ideas; Enhance and develop SAS’s internship resources; Enhance SAS’s signature event; Develop a signature event; Research pre-college programs; Research scholarship programs; Research college fly-in programs; Research higher education and advocacy issues and topics; Develop a SAS social media, calendar, campaign; Create and post social media content; Identify potential and viable nonprofits partners; Outline SAS’s yearly event calendar; Incorporate student college access events; Research grant opportunities; Draft grants.

Our student intern will work with us in the Greater Metro Atlanta communities that we serve.  This will include serving high school students at partner sites.  In addition, we will be doing outreach work to expand our reach across the Greater Atlanta area.  Finally, our day to day work will utilize space at co-working spaces which will include The Lola, and others, and in open spaces on Georgia Tech’s campus. All places where we will work are accessible to Marta.  SAS will also provide transportation support on a limited basis, as needed.

Sustainable Development Goals:No Poverty (1), Quality Education (4), Reduced Inequalities (10)

Partner: The Highlander School

The Highlander School is an anti bias and anti racist, nature-centered learning community that fosters collaboration and a celebration of childhood. Our approach to learning has been deeply influenced by bell hooks, Bettina Love, John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky and the educators of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Their work and thinking has helped to shape our fundamental belief that people learn best when they actively construct their own understanding. This learning takes place in the context of our relationships with each other and our encounters with the world. We believe that one of the vital roles of education is to create a connection between our daily lives and the natural world. We consider ourselves to be a "nature-centered" program that uniquely tends to foster the "whole child,", both heart and mind and incorporate environmental education. Our meals encompass food from our gardens, which the children help to tend, grown seasonally or from local farmers. We use natural and found materials, guiding children to care for their world through conservation and recycling. The Highlander School is also committed to using materials and products that are environmentally friendly and sound.

We are seeking a Research and Data Communication Intern. The interns will contribute to a variety of activities and projects, including the following: 1. Quantitative Research on Early Childhood Education (ECE): The intern will support organizational functions by conducting quantitative research in specific ECE focus areas.  2. Data Visualization and Communication: The intern will develop a variety of data visualization and communication modalities, including presentations, printed materials, and social media collateral. The intern should be prepared both to design informative graphics and charts and to write compelling content for external audiences. 3. Evaluation Support: The intern should be prepared to develop a variety of evaluation methods to support organization reporting, including but not limited to surveys and interview questions. The intern should also be prepared to develop summaries and reports. 4. Other responsibilities as needed.

The intern will primarily work in person out of The Lola (621 North Avenue, NE - near Ponce City Market), with some time spent on site at The Highlander School.  The Lola is close to Georgia Tech and the Beltline and accessible via MARTA.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Quality Education (4), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: The Lola*

The Lola is a women's community and collaboration space on a mission to challenge the status quo and drive change while collectively stepping up to advocate for all womxn. We want women to feel safe, seen and heard.   By challenging our view of success and re-framing a system that doesn’t serve us, we’re shifting old patterns of behavior and pushing through boundaries to create the environment we need to thrive. Cultivating women leaders through inclusive, creative and racially conscious pathways we help women expand their thinking. Ultimately raising the bar for ourselves and all women to create real sustainable change. Overview: The LOLA is embarking on a transformative journey to empower women through four distinct pathways: Inclusive Leadership, Empowered Entrepreneurs, Creative Connoisseurs, and Social Justice Changemakers. While the pathways are conceptualized, the next crucial step involves defining success metrics and crafting targeted marketing strategies for each, ensuring alignment with our core LOLA personas.  Internship Role: We are seeking a dynamic intern from Georgia Tech with a balanced left and right-brain approach, showcasing both marketing and analytical prowess. This individual will play a key role in developing a comprehensive framework for measuring the success of each pathway and devising tailored marketing plans that resonate with our diverse LOLA community.  Key Responsibilities:  Success Metrics Framework:  Collaborate with LOLA leadership to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for each pathway. Research industry best practices for measuring success in inclusive leadership, entrepreneurship, creative pursuits, and social justice initiatives. Develop a structured framework for ongoing measurement and evaluation. Persona-Aligned Marketing Plans:  Conduct a thorough analysis of LOLA's core personas to understand their unique needs and preferences. Create targeted marketing plans for each pathway, ensuring alignment with LOLA's values and the aspirations of our community. Integrate both creative and data-driven approaches for a holistic marketing strategy. Cross-functional Collaboration:  Work closely with LOLA's marketing and leadership teams to ensure synergy across all initiatives. Collaborate with subject matter experts within The LOLA to gather insights and integrate diverse perspectives into the marketing plans. Documentation and Reporting:  Maintain detailed documentation of the developed frameworks and marketing strategies. Provide regular updates on progress, challenges, and opportunities to LOLA leadership.

This internship is in person at The Lola offices near Ponce City Market.  The office is accessible via MARTA. If the intern opts to drive, parking will be included on site.  If the student takes MARTA, a pass for the duration of the internship will be provided.

Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality (5), Reduced Inequalities (10), Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (16)

Partner: Ubuntu Community Catalyst, Inc.

Ubuntu Community Catalyst has been a driving force in transforming the South Fulton County region since 2018. Using the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model approach, we focus on developing people to shape the future of their neighborhoods. To that end, the LiveWell South Fulton Collective is a community-led initiative that tackles disparities and inequities in health, housing, education, workforce/development, and the environment.   Ubuntu's mission is to partner with neighbors and strengthen the local community. We collaborate and support the best experts through community building.  The project idea is educating residents/stakeholders about imminent environmental threats in their communities, and empowering residents/stakeholders to become advocates for climate change awareness and education.  Interns will be re-activating the Environmental Justice/Health Community Action Team by identifying and recruiting residents/stakeholders residing in the South Fulton County region (east Cleveland Avenue corridor of Atlanta, select census tracts in East Point and College Park). 

The work share location is accessible by MARTA rail and bus line.  Ubuntu works from space in South Fulton County.

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-being (3), Quality Education (4), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8)

Partner: West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) is a community-based non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life within the West Atlanta Watershed by protecting, preserving and restoring our community’s natural resources. WAWA represents African American neighborhoods in Northwest and Southwest Atlanta that are most inundated with environmental stressors, but are least represented at environmental decision-making tables. West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) was an all-volunteer organization, WAWA was successful in preserving over 400 acres of green space from development in Southwest Atlanta and raised over $2 million dollars to do so (even before becoming a 501c(3) organization). Through an MOU with the City of Atlanta Bureau of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs, WAWA now operates the Outdoor Activity Center (OAC), a 26-acre urban forest preserve and nature center. WAWA has grown to a 501c3 with a small dedicated staff of environmental educators, stewards and activists.  WAWA also co-stewards the nearby 135-acre Cascade Springs Nature Preserve and the 200-acre Lionel Hampton Beecher Park; all in Southwest Atlanta.  The intern will focus on outdoor stewardship, community-based education programming support, green infrastructure project support, food sovereignty via hyperlocal fresh food access.

This internship will be located on site at West Atlanta Watershed Alliance.  A car is recommended, although MARTA is possible.

Sustainable Development Goals: Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Reduce Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11)

Partner: WunderGrubs

WunderGrubs manufactures healthy, delicious, and affordable protein powder, baking mixes, and baked goods with clean, flavorful grub protein produced year-round without pesticides and water, and with organic food waste applying clean-room technology.  WunderGrubs' vertically integrated solution leverages technology to produce mealworm protein and related food products, plus conduct insect bioconversion all facilitated by our platform solution for individual and commercial users to perform insect farm management, gain technical assistance, and purchase products and professional services.

Tentative project: The Adair Park Building Resiliency Project will model a community-scale composting system that leverages insect bioconversion as a decarbonization agent for food waste. In doing so, we will reduce, and recycle post-consumer food waste into new products; use food waste to reduce sources of feed and associated production costs for insect farming; and divert food waste from local incinerators and landfills in phases over the next two-years: Phase 1: Kick-off town hall meetings to introduce team, goals, and timeline, plus meet and register residents as participants.  Phase 2: Collaborate with partners to employ and skills train youth and under-employed residents to assist with project activities, serve as project ambassadors, and disseminate educational and marketing materials.  Phase 3:  Activate recovery activities in collaboration with our co-applicant, team and partners (e.g., GOODR, a food surplus and recovery company, and CreateATL a community and business collaboration center) to capture food and non-food waste for insect bioconversion and insect farming. Phase 4: “Throughout the project, conduct immersive workshops and connect attendees with real-life practitioners and front-line workers in food and waste management.  Phase 5: Examine with residents how food and waste are connected to other urban challenges like food insecurity and environmental justice to develop actionable interventions.

The work schedule is hybrid.  Although a car is not required, it would be convenient, but the office is located close to the West End MARTA station.

Sustainable Development Goals:  Zero Hunger (2), Industry, Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Responsible Consumption and Production (12)

Partner: The Wylde Center

The mission of Wylde Center is to support resilient communities by connecting people to nature through environmental education and public greenspace, as outlined in our  2023 Annual Report.  The intern would be working on Wylde Center's environmental, social and governance metrics - to develop them with staff, collect data and create visuals that explain the data.  The intern would document attributes of physical systems (such as compost, gardens) as well as analyze data from our educational programs.  The intern's work would culminate in a presentation (if allowed) to staff and the ESG board committee. 

Our offices are in Legacy Park in Decatur, and the intern will sometimes be on-site at our 5 greenspaces to meet with staff.   A car would be ideal for the Legacy Park location, but the intern could work at our Edgewood location and take MARTA. We would prefer the intern have their own laptop, but this is flexible.

Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Climate Action (13), Life on Land (15)