Welcome to the Sustainable Communities Internship Program! Thank you for your interest in hosting an Intern.  We value you, your partnership, and the opportunity to engage with you on a deeper level. An internship is an opportunity for our students to benefit from your professional guidance while gaining real-world experience related to sustainability, equity, social innovation, and community engagement. Conversely, our interns provide human capital support and capacity expansion to allow partners to grow impact and maximize mission.

This page provides answers to many of the questions you may have about the Sustainable Communities Internship Program, especially requirements, procedures, and our mutual responsibilities. You are responsible for reading and understanding this information, and for adhering to Women’s Empowerment policies and procedures guidelines.  If anything is unclear, please discuss the matter with SCoRE staff.

On behalf of our staff and everyone here at SCoRE, we welcome you to our internship program. Thank you for taking time to help us create sustainable communities and enriching learning experiences for our students.

Important Links

Visit our Partners page to learn more about our Partnership Strategy and our work with partners.

Visit our Internship page for information about the program, student and partner requirements, student interns and partners from previous summers, and a Summer 2024 timeline

Partner Expectations

Sustainable Communities Student Interns are considered employees of the Center for Sustainable Communities Research and Education and are placed to work directly with SCoRE partners during their internship. Students receive a stipend over the summer, paid by Georgia Tech in bi-weekly increments, as well as course audit credit through Georgia Tech's Career Center. SCoRE follows the U.S. Department of Labor Internship Standards when hiring and placing students in internships.  Interns are expected to meet Georgia Tech employee standards, as well as the standards of the partner where they are placed to receive any stipend.

We request several things of our partner internship hosts over the summer:

  • Set internship goals with the intern (either before the start of the internship, or during the first week) - see below
  • Provide an IN-PERSON experience for your intern on a regular basis
  • Actively supervise the intern on a daily basis
  • Expose your intern to others in your organization and in your field (ex. Take them to a meeting where they learn about your work in broader context or arrange for them to have coffee with a colleague at least twice during the summer)
  • Attend the opening and closing intern summer seminar sessions (first and last week of the internship program)
  • Allow your intern to attend the weekly one-hour summer seminar (as part of their work hours each week)
  • Participate in a mid-summer check-in phone call
  • Complete the Georgia Tech evaluation requirements for the student intern (sample HERE)
Work Plans and Learning Objectives

All Host Partners and Interns are required to co-develop a workplan at the start of the internship that includes both personal and on-the-job Learning Objectives for the intern. This workplan will be submitted by the intern to the Georgia Tech internship registration system.  Your intern should receive this online form once they register their internship.  Please complete it together with your intern during their first week.  You can find a sample form HERE.  SCoRE staff are available to assist in developing and reviewing student objectives with you, if needed.

Staff Communication

SCoRE Staff will be in regular communication with our internship partners over the summer to remind you about deadlines, provide materials, and check on your internship experience.  Questions about anything?  Contact Kristina Chatfield, SCoRE Program and Portfolio Manager at any time.

Please Click HERE to acknowledge you have read and understand this information as well as agree to adhere to all policies, procedures, and timelines outlined here.

Thank you for your partnership!

Internship Guide Acknowledgement

Please Click HERE  to acknowledge you have read and understand this information as well as agree to adhere to all policies, procedures, and timelines outlined here.

Thank you for your partnership!