Stephanie Boulard
FREN 3012
FREN 3697
FREN 3692
Summer 2021
Summer 2020
Summer 2019

Some courses in the LBAT France program will introduce students to the theory, principles, and practices of sustainability. They will include discussions on maintaining ecological and environmental health, creating economic welfare, and ensuring social justice. Courses focus is on sustainable development and communities in Paris, France. Students meet both in class and in town. They may interview people, shoot videos, report on sustainability practices, create websites. Topics may include new environmental initiatives, inequalities, diversity, preservation of the pre-21st century city, lodging, transportation, modernization, nature in the city, or distinctive ways of life. The goals of the course are as follows: -- Develop student’s scientific and social literacy, consensus building, information management, interpersonal expression, creative problem solving and critical thinking while providing skills training for identifying and solving problems objectively -- Develop student’s understanding of the interconnectedness of human and natural systems, i.e. systems thinking --Develop learning environment that provides student the ability to freely explore how sustainability ideas can complement existing values. 

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