The UN SDGs often seem unattainable. They are broad, and the scope often reads as theory rather than praxis. This tool incorporates a local community partner’s initiative into a global discussion of the possibilities of regenerative agriculture to address hunger and inequality. To enact change, narrative and storytelling are the modes to realize the UN SDGs toward creating sustainable infrastructure and communities. Most importantly, students will learn how to apply community-centered narrative to their own fields and research projects. After viewing a brief TEDx Atlanta talk by Akissi Stokes—the Founder of the Atlanta company Wundergrubs—on changing our minds about food and sustainability, students will implement personal narrative to transform community-based sustainable developmental goals into applicable practice for global concerns. Additionally, students will learn why addressing theory in terms of practical application matters for our world and in their own disciplines.

This tool also may be used as a template for incorporating work with other community partners engaged with sustainable food and regenerative agriculture into courses.

This tool was contributed by Mike Lehman, Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow


This lesson includes a pre-class reading and video, in-class discussion, in-class assignment, and after class reflection. See below for detailed instructions.

Time Commitment