Networking is a great way to get inspired and learn about different types of jobs. You can join a LinkedIn group, reach out to people whose jobs or background pique your interest, and ask them to do an informational interview to learn more about their career.

LinkedIn Resources

View Georgia Tech Alumni

You can view Georgia Tech alumni who have a career related to sustainability, including where they work, what they do, what they studied, and their top skills.

Sustainability Professionals LinkedIn Group

Join this group of almost 300,000 professionals to network and communicate about sustainability and environmental issues.

More Sustainability-Related LinkedIn Groups

View other sustainability groups including ones focused on EHS (Environmental Health and Safety), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and ESG (Environmental Social Governance).

Sustainability Mentoring Program for Students in Atlanta

RCE Greater Atlanta Mentorship Program:

The RCE Greater Atlanta Mentorship Program works to connect students from across the Greater Atlanta area with a variety of mentors from industry, non-profits, and academic backgrounds.

National Organizations

The Young Sustainability Network:

Our mission is to support early-career individuals as they enter and navigate the world of sustainability professions.

Women in Sustainability:

As an inclusive community, Women in Sustainability (WIS) is all about intentional and transformational collaboration as a means for solving the climate crisis.