If you are interested in sustainability, but you are unsure of the career path for you, use the resources on this page to navigate the world of sustainability careers. Learn about salaries, employers, career outlooks, degrees, and more. 

Guides for Careers in Sustainability

A Guide to Green Careers:

This guidebook has been created to help readers better understand exactly what lies ahead for job seekers in a renewable, sustainable and more efficient world. Includes top 10 cities for green careers, green career landscape, salaries, internships, degrees, scholarships, and more.

Why Green is Your Color. A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career

A guide developed by the Department of Labor's Women’s Bureau designed to help workers learn about a range of in-demand and emerging jobs, as well as job training opportunities and career development tools, in the clean energy economy.

Firsthand Guides

Guide For College Students

Guide for College Students

Experts have shared their significant insight into what it takes to make sustainable action a reality on campus and around the world. In this student action guide to sustainability you’ll find: why student action is important to sustainability and your future, how you can develop sustainability projects, and more.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Unsure of what career opportunities your major prepares you for? Use this tool to explore careers in your field.

Job Exploration

Sustainability Careers and Green Jobs

Includes sustainability job descriptions, job titles, and a salary comparison tool.

Green Jobs - US Bureau of Labor Statistics

This webpage provides information on the BLS green jobs initiative, the status of survey development, the BLS green jobs definition, a link to career information for selected green jobs, and other information.

Sustainability Careers - US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Explains sustainability, sustainability issues that companies face today, what different types of occupations are in the field of sustainability, and wages for those occupations.

Sustainability Careers- Best Colleges

Provides an overview of Careers in Sustainability. Includes educational pathways that lead to sustainability, a description of jobs by states, proposes career paths for Green Jobs, salaries, and projected growth.

Green Building Careers - USGBC

Learn about green building career profiles.

Blog Posts About Sustainability-Related Professional Development


Includes jobs, fellowships, organization and possible sectors to work in if you want a career in sustainability.


Whether you enjoy sand beneath your toes, the smell of pine in the air, or snowflakes on your eyelashes, Coolworks has gathered jobs from great places across the globe and organized them into categories such as "Jobs on Water" and "Farm and Garden Jobs". You can also search by state, season, or national park.

Salary Information

Salaries of Environmental-Related Jobs

Inspired by the women in technology transparency movement, this information allows all of those in the environmental field to anonymously share their salaries.