Ridoine Idrissou is an undergraduate Computer Science student who participated in the SLS Sustainable Communities Summer 2023 internship program as an intern for the Center for Sustainable Communities.  This text was originally published in his Linked In feed and can be found here.

Over the past few months, I've had the honor of being part of something truly impactful. As a JUST Science Scholar and Intern at the Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC), a nonprofit dedicated to merging STEM with social justice, I've been on an exhilarating ride of innovation and purpose.

I proudly worked on not one, but two major projects that left me inspired and empowered. Crafting a dynamic newsletter for CSC and contributing to the inception of the National Environmental Justice Institute were challenges that ignited my passion for effecting positive change.

From tackling complex tasks to harnessing my technical prowess, I embraced every opportunity to put my skills into action. Witnessing my contributions come to life was a rewarding experience that affirmed my belief in the power of technology for social good. One of the most transformative aspects of my internship was learning how to equip communities to handle and respond to natural disasters. The hands-on training I received in North Charleston, SC not only earned me a Certificate of Achievement but also left me equipped with life-changing insights.

This journey wouldn't have been the same without the incredible support and mentorship of Garry HarrisJennifer Hirsch, and Kristina Chatfield. Your guidance propelled me forward and helped shape my understanding of the intersection between science and social justice. To my internship family, a heartfelt shoutout to my fellow interns – your camaraderie and encouragement created an environment where we thrived collectively.

Carrying forward, as I embark on my journey back to school, I'm carrying with me a treasure trove of experiences and memories that will undoubtedly steer my career path. The road ahead is brimming with excitement, and I can't wait to embrace what's to come.

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