The Smart Cities Kit is a set of hands-on materials that supports collaborative scenario building activities. These activities can foster a greater understanding of smart-cities as socio-technical systems. Through these activities, students should develop an appreciation for how smart cities technologies fit or don’t fit into the fabric of everyday life in the city. The kit requires no background knowledge in design or participatory methods. It can be customized for specific technologies or scenarios, and it can be used across the curriculum. The Smart City tool is available for check-out from the Serve-Learn-Sustain office.

Each kit imagines a team of 5-10 students, but it is possible to make a single kit stretch over twenty students. Email us for more details, and to inquire about check-out. 

The links below direct you to a series of important resources. The Instructor’s Guide pdf gives detailed instructions for how to facilitate the game in your classroom. The Student Activity Instructions pdf is for your students to use during the activity. If you’re interested in creating your own Smart Cities kit, rather than checking out one from the SLS office, refer to the Kit Building Resources. Finally, the Fictions of a Smart ATL pdf is an anthology of smart city use cases. Consider incorporating them into your class activity.