Students often feel overwhelmed by seemingly intractable societal challenges such as climate change, structural racism, and poverty. Inviting students to explore frameworks and stories illustrating positive social change helps them understand how they can contribute to solving complex problems. Examples of different kinds of change-making also helps students identify ways to contribute that align with their own interests and gifts. This tool introduces students to the “tempered radical” framework and a set of social change contributors to help them imagine ways they can advance positive change in their current and future workplaces. 

This tool was contributed by Rebecca Watts Hull, Asst. Dir., Faculty Development for Sustainability Education Initiatives, Center for Teaching and Learning: rwattshull@gatech.edu.


Students complete a reading on “tempered radicals” in the workplace for homework, identify several key strategies for leading change in the workplace, apply one strategy to a desired change on campus, and reflect on the kind of role they might play in workplace change-making, in a future profession.

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