Allen Hyde
HTS 3012
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The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the field of urban sociology by exploring the history and current conditions of cities. This course will be geared toward viewing the city as a simultaneously social, cultural, and political economic phenomenon, with particular attention to the following: a) urbanization and the structure of cities; b) suburbanization; c) sustainable urban growth and economics; d) race and segregation; e) immigration; g) culture; h) gender and sexuality; i) gentrification and housing policy; j) environmental justice; and k) sustainable communities. This class will give students a strong overview of some of the major issues related to urban life, politics, and economics.  For Summer 2019. the course will focus on Atlanta’s Beltline and the transformation of Grove Park as a case study for many of the topics. Additionally, we will partner with the Grove Park Foundation to do a service learning project related to oral histories.

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