This tool incorporates the application of several UN Sustainable Development Goals as an integrated solution to mitigate the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect in Atlanta, Georgia in a group project. Through the assignment, project teams make connections to SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) as well as at least two additional SDGs. Students draw upon goal targets and indicators to develop an innovative design for an urban plot in a metro Atlanta neighborhood that would decrease Atlanta's UHI effect as much as possible. The location of the plot of land is identified through Google Maps and coordinates.

This tool provides guidance for instructors of GT 1000/2000 classes as well as instructors in English/Communications and perhaps additional disciplines. The “resources” section provides suggested background reading/websites/videos for instructors. The Team Project assignment includes a selection of these resources as part of the suggested research material for students.

This tool was contributed by Yelena Rivera, GT 1000 instructor. For support using the tool, please contact Rebecca Watts Hull, Assistant Director, Faculty Development for Sustainability Education Initiatives, CTL: rwattshull@gatech.edu.

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