Payment Arrangement for Community Partners

Thank you for partnering with Georgia Tech faculty and students! Please follow the instructions below so that we may thank you for your contribution to student learning through a stipend to your organization or an honorarium for you as an individual.



STEP 1: Registering in the Georgia Tech Procurement System
  • Decide whether you want to receive your payment as either:
    • ​​Yourself as an individual (NOTE: Registering as an individual results in a slightly faster confirmation turn around), OR
    • A payment to your organization
  • Complete the online registration for you or your organization in the Georgia Tech Procurement System as a supplier:

    • If you are requesting payment for yourself, you need to be listed in the system as a supplier.  If you are requesting payment to your organization, your organization needs to be listed as a supplier.

    • If you (payment for yourself) or your organization (payment to your organization) have received payment from Georgia Tech in the past, please let us know.  We will confirm that you/your organization are still listed as a supplier
    • Please take 5 - 10 minutes to complete the GT online supplier registration form.  You may want to refer to these instructions for more detailed guidance on registration.  
      • The person registering as a supplier (whether for self or organization) must choose an appropriate category for the type of services rendered.
      • If completing the supplier registration process as an individual, you will need to use your social security number (SSN) in place of a Tax ID number in the required field.

Note: Please save the confirmation email you receive from Georgia Tech for your records. If you don’t receive an email confirmation, you aren’t registered, and you will be prompted to return to the portal and correct/complete the process.  When you receive that confirmation email, if you are working with SCoRE/SLS, please forward it to Kristina Chatfield. If you are working with a different GT office, please forward it to your contact there. That way we will know that we can process your payment.  

Additional note: The mailing address you provide for yourself or for your organization is the address that Georgia Tech will use to direct your check. Please be sure to use a mailing address that is secure and is monitored.

STEP 2: Payment Processing

Once the profile has been submitted, please complete the following so that your payment can be processed:

  • If you are being paid as an organization, please submit a quote for services (sample found HERE) to the person who is processing your payment request, prior to your date(s) of service.  Following the date(s) of service, submit a final invoice for payment (sample found HERE) to the person who is processing your payment request.  Note: If you would like to, you can submit your quote and invoice at the same time- they can be identical documents, except for the words “quote” and “invoice.” 
  • If requesting a payment to your organization, please submit the quote and invoice on letterhead.  If your organization does not have official letterhead, please ensure the name of the organization is on your quote and your final submitted statement of serviced or invoice.
  • If you are being paid as an individual, and are working with SCoRE/SLS, please notify Kristina Chatfield that you have completed the registration process.  If you are working with a different GT office, please forward it to your contact there. That way, we will know that we can process your payment.  You do not need to submit any additional documentation.
  • Payment to both individuals and organizations are typically processed within 30 business days from the date of service.  If that time has elapsed and no payment has been received, please follow up directly with Kristina Chatfield or your contact so that we can work to get your payment expedited.
  • Note that for honoraria paid to individuals, Georgia Tech will provide a 1099 for at the end of the year for tax filing purposes.